Roll stand for use with Keeler diagnostic sets

GRS Instruments Ltd offer a mobile five wheeled stand, for use with the popular Keeler wall diagnostic set. Complete with combined top box/basket in black anti-bacterial coating with a stainless steel handle for easy cleaning.

Stand manufactured in the UK by GRS Instruments Ltd

  • Suitable for all departments
  • Ease of use within departments
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy mounting of wall sets to complete unit

To complete the unit order mobile stand 2015-S2 and choose one of your preferred diagnostic wall sets.

  • 1964-P-2003 Standard Ophthalmoscope/Standard Otoscope
  • 1964-P-2002 Practitioner Ophthalmoscope/Practitioner Otoscope
  • 1964-P-2004 Practitioner Ophthalmoscope/Fibre Optic Otoscope

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